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Homeopathic Indications: HPYL:PLUS is for the temporary relief of symptoms related to ulceration such as severe stomach pain, aching pain in stomach, occasional diarrhea, difficulty swallowing, fatigue, and foul breath.

  • Archangelica (6X)
  • Geranium Mac (6X)
  • Hydrastis (6X)
  • Sinapis Nig (6X)
  • Symphytum (6X)
  • Ratanhia (6X 12X 30X)
  • Ornithogalum (10X)
  • Abies Can (10X 12X 30X)
  • Anacardium (12X)
  • Bismuth Sub (12X)
  • Condurango (12X)
  • Graphites (12X)
  • Iris Vers (12X)
  • Lycopodium (12X)
  • Mezereum (12X)
  • Euphorbium (12X 18X 24X 30X)
  • Nux Vom (12X 18X 24X 30X)
  • Aceticum Ac (9X)
  • Carbolicum Ac (9X)
  • uranium Nitricum (12X)
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