Tutorial Videos for Practitioners

These videos show how to perform tasks in Practitioner Approved Ordering from DesBio.

Clicking on a topic will open that video in a new tab of your browser.  At the conclusion of the video, you can close that tab or click back to the tab of this dbscript tutorial page.

For additional support, please view Frequently Asked Questions and the Documentation articles under the Support menu.

An overview of Practitioner Approved Ordering from DesBio

WHY Practitioner Approved Ordering from DesBio?

dbscript Fast Start!  Learning the key features quickly

Registering as a Practitioner on the dbscript website

Inviting a patient to register for Practitioner Approved Ordering

Sending patients to dbscript.com with your practitioner code to register

Creating and viewing patient messages

Creating message templates to use repeatedly

Creating a product recommendation

Creating a multiple-product template for product recommendations

Using the new pre-configured DesBio Templates for product recommendations

The Patient List in the dbscript Dashboard–Monitoring Patient Activity

DesBio Webinar Jan 2021–Getting Started with dbscript

Upload a file of your patient names to invite to dbscript

Help your patient create their dbscript account in your office with an tablet device

Set a bookmark in your tablet device for easy Patient dbscript registration

See how patients use Practitioner Approved Ordering

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